Consultation & Strategy

Every great product begins with a vision. Infinity provides website and application project planning and strategy services that will help bring your ideas to life.

Infinity Consultation

You have the idea, but need the plan. Infinity is a structured in-person consultation, research program, and written project plan.The outcome is a detailed inventory and evaluation so you can strategically take the next step toward awesome.

Your Infinity plan includes:

  • Multiple Discovery meetings spanning from Business model to User Experience
  • Critical review and research
  • Written recommendation with detailed scope, content, and development specification
  • Project implementation plan
  • Estimated timeline and post-launch strategy
  • Cost estimates
  • Can be remote or onsite in Portland

Our goal is for you to leave Infinity with a plan in place; whether you choose to work with us or shop around is up to you. Think of it as a checklist for making your vision a reality.

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