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Awesome brands stand out from their competitors and get noticed. Your company brand is much more than a simple logo, it is how you choose to be identified to the world. We can create new brands from scratch or build on an established logo and design style. BRS Identity provides memorable brands for projects, companies, and enterprise-level corporations. We take the time to research and explore all possibilities in order to build the perfect Identity for our clients.


Behind your brand is an organization responsible for products or services that you’re excited to share. With Identity, you’ll spend time with our team to uncover what makes your company unique, then we’ll draft a brand strategy based on what we have learned. This includes:

  • 2-hour onsite meeting or video call to understand your organization and the goals of the brand or campaign
  • Discussion and preparation of image-based “mood board” to identify and select design themes
  • A brand map of your identity needs
  • Discussion of the intended uses of the brand, in order to further guide brand strategy and identify additional needs or plan the hand-off to internal or external marketing teams

Brand Collateral

Now it’s time to build off the discovery outline. We offer up to ten Identity brand concepts and three rounds of revisions. The revision process narrows from an initial set of concepts to a single, refined logo or final brand. Customized products for consistent branding can include:

  • Style guide / Brand documentation
  • Business cards
  • Stationary
  • Online banner advertisements
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Other promotional products (event banners, tee shirts, gift boxes, sunglasses - challenge us!)

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