App Development

Startups need special care and attention to get off on the right foot. Behind your vision is a service, product, or concept that you’re ready to share. However, behind your big ideas are even bigger questions of technical approach, development strategy, application design, and product development. With Catalyst, you’ll be able to sit down with our experts, and draft a roadmap to shift your project from an awesome idea to viable implementation.

Infinity Consultation

Every idea needs to begin somewhere. Infinity is the first step. We take the guess work out of launching a new application or service by providing the level of planning you need.

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Continuing Momentum

Now that we’ve figured out what your idea will look like and how it will work, it’s time to execute the plan. Catalyst provides dedicated expertise to early stage startups and ambitious enterprises, so you’ll be able to accelerate through your project milestones.

  • Team of software engineers and developers
  • Graphic designer and UX/UI front end development
  • Dedicated project manager to keep time and cost on track
  • QA and testing
  • Scalable cloud hosting
  • Documentation of the platform and application

Catalyst mixes the right ingredients with a plan that will set you up for success. We’ll take you from your first user to your first million, while providing support and training. How you want to expand is up to you. Taking control and putting a plan to action has never been easier.

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